The research paper is the product of the student’s individual and independent work.

The topic of the paper must be related to PSYCHOLOGY and it must not be interdisciplinary or related to some other field.

The research paper may be theoretical or empirical.

Each topic may be formulated and approached in different ways. Candidates may structure their research around theoretical explorations of certain phenomena or examine it empirically.

Each student must be able to define and differentiate main psychological research branches:

  • General psychology, psychology of development, social psychology
  • Pedagogic psychology, clinical psychology
  • Psychology of work, sports psychology

A research paper from the field of psychology is any research paper, which analyses the selected problem from a particular branch of psychology and provides a concise summary of the existing research and studies, provides the overview of literature and emphasises new insights derived from the analysis.

The research process comprises several stages and its overall success depends on understanding both all methodological rules and stipulations and the appropriate modes of examination. The stages of research may vary from one piece of research to another, which will largely depend on the topic of research, conditions in which the research is conducted and the researcher himself or herself. However, five stages of research process may be distinguished in sociology and other fields alike:

  1. The selection and the formulation of the topic
  2. The creation of the research plan
  3. The research process and its empirical methods
  4. The organisation, categorisation and the presentation of results
  5. The analysis of the results and the ensuing conclusion.