1. A representative of each country applies for a team of a maximum of 6 students, only applications from national representatives will be accepted. Representatives of the countries undertake to be participants in the conference in the future as well
  2. Students can present their works in the following disciplines: Psychology, Sociology, Geography, History and Economics.
  3. Students are required to submit an abstract by a certain deadline, in accordance with the instructions for writing the abstract and using the offered template.
  4. The Microsoft platform TEAMS is used the conference.
  5. The international jury consists of 5 people for each scientific field.
    The composition of the jury is of an international character.  The judges will assess each presentation individually, with marks ranging from 1 to 10, in compliance with the following grading curve:

Very bad:        1-2

Bad:                3-4

Satisfactory:    5-6

Good:              7-8

Excellent:        9-10

The overall score shall be calculated as the sum total of the marks given by each member of the judges, divided by the number of judges.

5. Students have 7 minutes for the presentation and 8 minutes for jury member questions.

6. Presentations will be aligned with the time zones from which students come.

7. Expected fund of awarded /placed/ 60% of participants in each scientific discipline.

8. The basic parameters for evaluation are:

Uniqueness of problem, justifying it, motivation of choosing this problem

Kind of used tools, results, difficulty, interesting arguments

Way of presentation

Answers to questions from jury members,

General impression: knowledge about issues, understanding the problem

9. All participants receive a certificate of participation.

  All mentors receive a certificate of participation.

  All team leaders receive a certificate of participation.

10. Students who achieve placement receive diplomas.

11. Diplomas and certificates are delivered by the organizer to the national team, post office to the address provided for all team members.     As well as scanned via email.

12. The final ranking will also be announced on the official website.

13. An electronic book of abstracts will also be published on the official  website.

14. In the event of an internet outage, the student to whom it happened will   be granted the remaining time he did not use for the presentation. 

15.  Abstracts are submitted exclusively in PDF format.  One A4 sheet.