Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Regional Center for Talented Youth Belgrade, I am pleased to invite your country to send a team to the International Conference of Young Social Scientists which will be held in Belgrade from 21 to 26  August 2019.

Students can present their works in the following disciplines:

1. Psychology

2. Sociology

3. Geography

4. History

5. Economics

Detailed instructions and policies are on the web site Countries are responsible for their own travel, visas and insurance. In addition, a contribution of 190 EUR per person (for each student and team leader) is payable as a contribution to local expenses.

Payments details will be available on the website

As well as the presentations, the ICYSS program includes poster presentations and a cultural function. Details of these will be sent to participating countries.

During the ICYSS we will also offer excursions to places of great interest –among others the Nikola Tesla Museum, the Belgrade Fortress, the Avala Tower and the Saint Sava Temple.

 A draft outline of the program is on website .

We look forward to welcoming you to the International Conference of Young Social Scientists in Serbia 2019.

                                                                      Nikola Srzentic

Organizing Committee of the 2019

 International Conference of Young Social Scientists,

Regional Center for Talented Youth Belgrade

Ustanička 64,

11000, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

Phone: +381 11 243 13 13

Mobail: + 381 64 4233 734


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